Brush your teeth to ensure that they’re clean. 

Floss your teeth to clean them more thoroughly.


Open your mouth with your lips stretched away from your teeth. Spread your lips apart into a toothy smile with both your upper and lower teeth visible, as well as your gum lines. Hold this position whenever you use the WHITE OUT aplication pen.

  • Be sure to work in front of a mirror.


Brush on the product in short, vertical strokes along the surface of the back of each affected tooth. Remove the cap from the WHITE OUT pen to access the brush portion. Apply the teeth enamel paint in short, vertical strokes, working from the top of the tooth to the bottom. Aim to paint over each tooth 2-3 times with the applicator.

  • Twist the pen if the tip doesn’t seem to have any product on it


Hold your mouth in place for 1 minute to set the product. Keep your tongue away from the back of your teeth for 1 minute after you finish applying the pen. Set a timer or count to 60 while you keep your mouth in the open position. 

  • As you wait, avoid swallowing the teeth enamel paint.


Removal. Once you no longer require the WHITE OUT serum (do not leave on longer than 12 hours) Brush your teeth with a tooth brush and tooth paste and rinse out your mouth with warm water.

  • Make sure you brush the rear side of your teeth were the teeth enamel paint was applied.