What is WHITE OUT?

WHITE OUT is like makeup for your teeth. its aplication pen works as a concealer of see-through teeth. Its white enamel paint coast the backside of your teeth to reinforce the white that is lost in thinning teeth.  

What are transparent teeth?

Transparent teeth are what happens when the tooth's enamel is stripped, resulting in teeth thinning. This then allows light to pass through the teeth which makes the teeth look dull. 

What causes transparent teeth?

Transparent teeth can be caused by everyday lifestyle, such as over whitening teeth, drinking hard water, over brushing teeth and consuming acidic food and drink.  

How to use WHITE OUT?

Paint it on to the back of your teeth where you can see through your teeth, until you can no longer see any dull areas. Then keep your mouth open for 5 seconds to allow and coating to bond.

How long does WHITE OUT last for?

Up to 12 hours.

How to remove WHITE OUT?

WHITE OUT can be removed in a matter of seconds, by brushing your teeth.

What if I eat WHITE OUT?

WHITE OUT enamel coating is alcohol-based and is not toxic for your mouth or if accidentally swalowed. 

Does WHITE OUT taste of anything?

No, WHITE OUT has no taste

What does WHITEOUT feel like on your teeth?

WHITE OUT drys to a smooth surface so it's hardly noticeable.