Why are my teeth transparent?

Here is why you have transparent teeth and how you can fix them

Transparent teeth, also known as, translucent teeth, see-through teeth or thinning teeth, Is a common occurrence in peoples teeth at any age. It's mostly noticed on the front teeth, as these are commonly seen while smiling and talking.

Transparent teeth have a lack of enamel, which is what gives teeth that nice white pigment. Without sufficient enamel, light wI’ll pass through, which results in dull, less white teeth. 

How NOT to Fix Transparent teeth:

Whitening teeth does NOT fix transparent teeth. It actually makes it worse, stripping further enamel from the teeth, making them more see-through. 

But have no fear as you can fix transparent teeth two ways:

1. Composite bonding:

This is a surgical treatmnent that has to be done by your dentist. Here a build up of synthetic enamel is added to the backside of your teeth, therefore thickening the back of the teeth, blocking light form passing through and whiting the transparent parts of your teeth.

How much does composite bonding cost?

Upwards of £200.


2. WHITE OUT enamel make-up:

The first and only make-up for your teeth, that is easy to apply and easy to remove. This is a temporary enamel-like coating that blocks light from passing through transparent teeth by applying to the back side of the teeth.

How much does WHITE OUT enamel make-up cost?



How to stop transparent teeth from getting worse:

There is no natural was to fix translucent teeth as there is no way to naturally rebuild enamel. Teeth enamel is stripped slowly, starting from the tips of your teeth. It can be prevented from loosing any further enamel by changing your lifestyle habits. Here are some pointers:

How to protect your teeth from enamel loss:

  • Wear teeth grinding guards (if you grind your teeth at night).0
  • Filter your water if you live in a hard water area.
  • Wash the inside of your mouth with warm water after consuming acidic food and liquids.
  • Do not brush your teeth too hard, or for too long. 
  • Do not use peroxide teeth whitening.


People can now touch up their transparent t teeth and live happily with WHITE OUT